Bu-lat-lat (boo-lat-lat) verb: to search, probe, investigate, inquire; to unearth facts

Volume 2, Number 38               October 27 - November 2,  2002            Quezon City, Philippines

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New Book Unmasks US' Terror War

A group of independent writers and academics in the Philippines, concerned with the “global war propaganda” of the United States government that justify recent US aggressions, are launching a book called “Unmasking the US War on Terror: US Imperialist Hegemony and Crisis” on Nov. 8 at the Balay Kalinaw, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City.


The book is being published by the Center for Anti-Imperialist Studies (CAIS), a newly established non-profit institute that conducts in-depth research and analysis on issues related to U.S. imperialism, particularly its impact on the Philippines. 

The book is a compilation of the studies started by CAIS early this year on issues pertaining to the political, economic, military and cultural aspects of U.S. hegemony and crisis.  

The articles contained in the book are:  

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