Month: June 2009

“COMELEC should not leave the 2010 Automated Elections in the hands of foreign control,” said Mr. Rick Bahague, National Coordinator of the Computer Professionals’ Union (CPU) in reaction to the pull out of Smartmatic’s local partner, Technology Information Management. CPU has been a vocal critic of the COMELEC’s hasty implementation of the Automated Elections. “As…

The Office of the Solicitor General told the Court of Appeals that the abduction and torture of Melissa Roxas are nothing but mere fabrications to embarrass the government. Her recent press conference in Los Angeles, it says, was part of the plot. The victim’s lawyers and supporters, however, say the government is just trying to evade responsibility.

The crimes and other atrocities stemming from the implementation of Oplan Bantay Laya are directly instigated by the so-called “war on terror,” which the Bush regime exported to and imposed on the Philippines. The Obama government is faced with the challenge of stopping the war begun by its predecessor – a war that has caused countless human-rights violations in the Philippines and its other “fronts.”

The Bataan Nuclear Power Plant symbolized the corruption and excesses of the Marcos dictatorship. The Arroyo administration is now trying to revive it. But those who participated in the 1985 “welgang bayan” that helped shut down the plant are reviving the passion and spirit of that landmark protest to oppose the present regime’s plan.