Day: June 7, 2009

Ni ROLAND TOLENTINO Kulturang Popular Kultura Bulatlat Alam nang marami na bahagi na ang isang bagay ng popular at lehitimong kaalaman kung ito ay may entry sa Wikipedia, ang interaktibong encyclopedia sa internet. Dahil nga sa flexibilidad at interaktibidad ng entries sa Wikipedia, ang kalakaran sa akademya ay hindi ito pwedeng gamitin bilang source sa…

A law passed last year to bring down the prices of drugs and medicines has not delivered on its promise, according to consumer and health advocates. It failed to break the stranglehold of huge transnational drug companies on the Philippine market. It also squandered an opportunity to develop the local pharmaceutical industry.

Bulatlat introduces Bulatlat Live, the website’s newest multimedia feature that makes full use of the Internet to cover major live events. For its debut coverage, Bulatlat Live will cover the protests on June 10, Wednesday, against charter change. From Makati City, where the main rally will take place, to several key areas across the country, Bulatlat’s pool of editors, reporters and correspondents will provide updates and breaking news — text, images, audio and video — either in real time or immediately after they occur.