Day: June 20, 2009

Pressured by the military, officials of a high school in Quezon City rejected the enrollment of a student activist. She could only enroll at the school, they told her, if she signed a waiver that would prohibit her from participating in protest actions and rallies. Aghast and angry, the student decided to fight back.

Foreign Imposition. The US government and other foreign powers such as the European Union and Japan have been pushing for the rewriting of the 1987 Philippine Constitution. They are after the removal of provisions that protect the country’s patrimony to allow them to exploit further our resources.

(By Flon Faurillo)

By ANTHONY DiMAGGIO Counterpunch Posted by Bulatlat It is worth reflecting on one central question regarding Iran: why does the recent election enjoy so much attention in the U.S.? My research on Iran suggests that Americans’ attention to Iran revolves around two issues. More superficially, much of the Iran focus is motivated by the conflict…

MANILA — Today, June 20, members of the organizations of victims and relatives of victims of human rights violations, Desaparecidos and Hustisya! as well as the human rights alliance, KARAPATAN, turned out in a jubilant mood to show their support to the wedding of torture survivor Raymond Manalo, and his sweetheart, Kristel Alminiana, in a…

The recently signed Salary Standardization Law 3 (SSL3) sets new salary rates for state workers. It’s a welcome respite amid the economic crisis, as well as an initial victory of the campaign for better wages. But government workers say SSL3, apart from giving really small increases, still has numerous anti-worker provisions. It is crying out for improvement.