Month: January 2010

By ALEXANDER MARTIN REMOLLINO MANILA—When Haiti was struck by a magnitude 7.0 earthquake last Jan. 12, there were already around 400 Cuban doctors and other health workers working all over the country, present in 227 of Haiti’s 237 communes. “Our solidarity with Haiti did not begin after the earthquake,” said Enna Valdes, Cuba’s newly-designated…

Whoever becomes the next president will have to run a government that is almost P5 trillion deep in debt and with a budget deficit of P300 billion or more. Thus, whatever promises about providing for the basic needs of the people especially the poor are empty rhetoric unless candidates disclose how they intend to address the worsening fiscal situation.

For the farmers, peasants and indigenous peoples of Southern Mindanao, the past several years had been a period of great danger and violence as big mining companies encroach into ancestral and agricultural land, using the military to drive them away. Many peasant and Lumad leaders who opposed these projects have ended up dead and tortured.

“The First Quarter Storm of 1970 caught the attention of the people on a national and international scale. It inspired the youth and working people in the provincial capitals and cities to rise up and carry out protest actions against US imperialism and the local reactionaries and demand national liberation and democracy.”

By LYN V. RAMO BAGUIO CITY (246 kms north of Manila) – While the Regional Development Council (RDC) head denies having seen a lot of money in circulation now that it is election year, the private-sector representative in the think-tank says otherwise. Economic planners in both the government and private sector in the region…

The following article was first published in the January-February 1996 issue of Liberation International. We are publishing it once again to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the First Quarter Storm. By Antonio Zumel Antonio Zumel Center for Press Freedom Posted by We observe this year the 100th anniversary of the 1986 Philippine Revolution against…