Day: March 7, 2010

Ahead of Women’s Day on March 8, Katribu partylist cited women health workers, particularly the 26 currently detained in Camp Capinpin, “for bringing health service to the poor and far-flung indigenous communities neglected by the government, for performing their medical duty to country and people at the risk of being arrested and tagged as rebels.”

NEWS RELEASE March 7, 2010 A women-dominated union in a German-owned denture factory is decrying the company’s inhumane rules and regulations which penalizes “use of obscene languange,” “loitering” and “concealment of contagious disease” via dismissal of workers. Samahan ng Manggagawa sa Zahnfabrik Philippines Inc (SMZPI), affiliated to KMU’s Alliance of Nationalist and Genuine Labor Organizations…

Gabriela, the country’s foremost alliance of progressive women’s organizations, has declared March 8, International Women’s Day, as a “day off” for Filipinas, a day to be spent out in the streets, marching, protesting and asserting their rights. “The worsening economic and political crisis under the Arroyo government is burdening women and families more than ever and spurring more women to join collective actions to demand for their rights and welfare,” said Emmi de Jesus, a nominee of the Gabriela Women’s Party.

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