Migrant Group Calls on DFA to Verify, Investigate Alleged Rape and Death 2 OFW in UAE

Press Release
10 April 2010

After receiving unconfirmed information about 2 OFW women, allegedly were gang raped by unknown Pakistani drivers in the United Arab Emirates, an alliance of overseas Filipino workers in the Middle East today calls on the RP posts in the Emirates and the Department of Foreign Affairs to verify and investigate the said incident.

John Leonard Monterona, Migrante-Middle East regional coordinator said he has received a video posted in the internet and Facebook showing a woman inside a hospital room bleeding to death and has many cut on her face while being attended by a medical staff.

The video has a title caption “pls help spread the video pr mkarating s kinauukulan” which was posted on Facebook and has been circulating, which states:

pls help spread the video pr mkarating s knauukulan
Pleas watch and let us HELP this Filinina, From a very reliable source, she was working in Abu Dhabi, UAE. this girl, together wid her filipina friend also was about to go home from a party. While on the taxi, the 2 felt asleep due to liquor. The Pakistani Taxi driver bcalled up his friends, he drove the car somewhere in the area and Brutally raped the 2 girls. (gang rape). after doing such thing, they also use a sharp object to cut their skin, that also cutthe other girls’ breast that made her bleed to death. the other one managed to escaped sufferring cuts and was able to rush into a government hospital, a well known state of the art hospital. this video shows that the filipina is still GCS 15, wid controlled bleeding. still the cuts have not yet been stitched. 3 days after. this Filipina died. no knows why, even the staff are fordidden to say something. TOTAL News Blackout where implemented that’s why this news didn’t came to manila, we dnt know who she was, and who are her relatives here in our country, pls lets help and justice be sentenced to the group or pakistani who raped them.. we should not let this happen again, we have some relatives abroad and even some of us are planning to work abroad. my source told told me that the hospital was owned by the King, and ordered news blackout so that their image as zero-crime will still stay the same.

“The information is quite alarming; if it’s true, then the Filipino community in the UAE and Filipino organizations must be worried about this case that slipped away from the watch of our RP posts officials in the Emirates,” Monterona added.

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Monterona said they are calling the attention of the RP posts in Dubai and in Abu Dhabi to verify and investigate this incident.

“First things first: verification and conducting a thorough investigation by the RP posts officials must be conducted and from its findings, the RP post must act swiftly. If it’s true, then the alleged Pakistani suspects must be hunted down and file an appropriate criminal case against them,” Monterona averred.

Monterona said he had already conveyed this incident to the attention of fellow OFWs and Migrante officers in the United Arab Emirates and had asked them to look into it, to get and verify the incident.

John Leonard Monterona
Migrante-Middle East regional coordinator

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