Day: February 6, 2011

Residents of Pantukan, a coastal town in Compostela Valley province, are locked in battle against two large-scale mining companies attempting to wrest full control of the area’s mineral resources. They also bewail the unfair advantage the government gives to these companies at the expense of small-scale miners.

A year ago today, the military and police illegally arrested and detained the “Morong 43” health workers. While most of them have been freed and are now trying to pick up the pieces of their lives, many still have nightmares and still feel vulnerable and exposed to danger.

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Press Statement February 6, 2011 We welcome the announcement made by LRTA administrator Rafael Rodriguez that they will not push through with the planned fare hike on March 1. The deferment was announced yesterday at the public consultations held at the LRTA depot in Santolan, Pasig. The deferment is the result of the active participation…

A new poverty index that reconfigured the method of determining the extent of poverty in the Philippines has been criticized as deceptive and can be exploited by the government to declare that life has become better under the Aquino administration, critics said the other day.

By INA ALLECO R. SILVERIO MANILA — Activist environmental group Kalikasan-PNE welcomed President Benigno S. Aquino III’s Executive Order No. 23 saying that if genuinely implemented, the order can stop large commercial logging operations and slow down deforestation in the country. Malacañang issued EO No. 23 titled “Declaring a Moratorium on the Cutting and…