Radiation Not A Cause For Worry, Earthquakes Are – Scientists

The Pampanga Lineament is a surface line from Pampanga province into Mt. Natib which is visible from aerial and satellite photographs of the area near the BNPP.

As for the other faults, Abon said that Marikin Valley Fault is the most potentially dangerous.

The Marikina Fault cuts through all the modern and progressive portions of Manila such as Eastwood, Rockwell, Ortigas Center, Bonifacio Global City, Ayala Center, and Alabang. Also, the Philvolcs people have warned that this fault line can move anytime because it is already more than a decade late” for its movement.

In the meantime, the country is surrounded by trenches, the first being in the South China Sea and the other one is called the Philippine trench, on the country’ right side and facing the Pacific Ocean.

The top ten provinces that are at risk to earthquakes are:

1. Surigao Del Sur
2. La Union
3. Benguet
4. Pangasinan
5. Pampanga
6. Tarlac
7. Ifugao
8. Davao Oriental
9. Nueva Vizcaya
10. Nueva Ecija

The top ten provinces that are at risk to tsunamis are:

1. Sulu
2. Tawi-tawi
3. Basilan
4. Batanes
5. Guimaras
6. Romblon
7. Siquijor
8. Surigao del Norte
9. Camiguin
10. Masbate

“The Philippines has a more vulnerable tectonic setting. We have volcanoes, trenches and faults with many branches running all across the country. The Philvolcs admits that we still cannot say exactly when and where earthquakes will strike, but we are able to predict. Given this, it’s really best to be always prepared and the government must spearhead efforts of helping the public be more equipped in dealing with these natural phenomena that often lead to disasters,” she said.

Thee Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Philvolcs) regularly posts updates on its website and informs media regarding any and all seismic developments in the country. As volcano eruptions are sometimes triggered by earthquakes or vice-versa, it is also monitoring the country’s active volcanoes. It has listed 26 volcanoes as active, including Kanlaon in Negros Oriental, Mayon in Legaspi, Bulusan in Sorsogon, Hibok-Hibok in Camiguin, and Banahaw in Quezon

Community Preparedness

The organizers of the forum said they recognize the need to inform the public about the catastrophes happening in nearby countries because these same catastrophes can happen and have happened in the Philippines.

“In the wake of what happened in Japan, we found it necessary to offer the our people’s organizations and sectors scientific explanations so they can better understand what happened. It is also important that our sectors be prepared for any development when it comes to natural disasters” said Agham president Dr. Giovanni Tapang.

One of the participants, Mrs. Erlinda de la Cruz, said that she found the forum very helpful. A member of Gabriela Women’s Party in Bagong Silangan, Quezon City, she said the information the experts imparted helped much in dispelling her own personal fears and worries about what happened in Japan.

“The mainstream media exaggerates everything and seldom gives scientific and well-grounded explanation. Instead of giving people the information they need, television networks deliver reports that cause fear and even panic in the public,” she said.

Mrs. de la Cruz said she wants to share what she learned with other residents in her community. “Communities should be prepared for catastrophes. We can’t rely on the local government much less the national government to provide us with information and the necessary assistance when it comes to preparing for disasters. The first step is to learn about the nature of these disasters and what we can do to lessen its devastating effects. I learned much from this forum,” she said. (https://www.bulatlat.com)

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  1. Another misleading article that is completely false when talking about radiation. This is a very misleading article downplaying the nuclear threat to everyone. Where do you guys find such misinformed “scientists” that lie to the public about the harm of radiation.

    “Oh radiation is in your food, its everywhere! It’s normal and even good for you!”


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