Day: July 5, 2011

“We are alarmed that CMU, a center for education and formation of values, by its actions, is promoting a teaching of values that contradicts the intention of social justice. By denying the farmers the land that is very much attached to their lives, the CMU has become a despotic landlord rather than an educational institution.” – solidarity mission

By TERENCE KRISHNA V. LOPEZ The last time I puked, literally, during a movie was while watching the 2002 French arthouse Irreversible where Monica Belluci’s character, Alex, was being raped brutally in an underpass until she died. And then, I finally watched Brillante Mendoza’s controversial Cannes Film festival-winning 2009 crime drama Kinatay (Butchered). I…

By INA ALLECO R. SILVERIO No more illusions. Militant student and youth organizations led by the League of Filipino Students (LFS) and Anakabayan said that those who supported President Benigno Aquino III’s candidacy in the May 2010 polls are, in likelihood, regretting their decision. The groups said that one year after Aquino’s swearing in,…

Since the Moro Islamic Liberation Front submitted its draft comprehensive compact in February, the government’s counter-proposal has been highly anticipated, because putting the drafts on the table is expected “to lead to substantive talks,” said the MILF.

Interview with MILF’s Iqbal on the current MILF-GPH ceasefire, peace talks

By MARYA SALAMAT MANILA — After their latest round of formal negotiations with the government of the Philippines in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Mohagher Iqbal, chair of the MILF peace panel, talked briefly with to share his group’s take of the current state of their ongoing peace talks with the Philippine government. Iqbal mainly…