Day: November 14, 2012

“We are not incidental beneficiaries of the coco levy funds. It was cash that was taken and stolen from us by the Marcos-Cojuangco clique; it’s only fair and just that cash is also returned to us.” – Coco Levy Funds Ibalik sa Amin (CLAIM)

“It’s not a question of who dumped the toxic waste. The question is whose toxic waste was dumped into our territory. Though Glenn Defense remains accountable for the act, the biggest accountability goes to the US and Aquino governments.” – Rep. Emmi de Jesus, Gabriela Women’s Party

This child shall find out when he grows older that the dust he played with were from hallowed ground. This photo was taken inside a former military camp where hundreds of Argentinians were ‘disappeared’ and buried during the country’s Dirty War in the 70s and 80s. (Buenos Aires)

On the occasion of PM Stephen Harper’s State Visit to the Philippines 9 November 2012 Dear Mr. Harper, As Filipino Canadians with strong ties to our home country, we follow closely and with much interest your visit to the Philippines. In your visit, we hope that as the Prime Minister of Canada that you will…