Day: April 19, 2014

Higher education institutions violate guidelines in tuition, fee increases – student groups

“Every year, skyrocketing tuition and miscellaneous fees have always been a burden to students of SUCs and private HEIs. Although there is an existing Ched guideline regarding tuition and school fee increases, the said memo is a toothless regulatory paper. Not only does it fail to genuinely regulate tuition and other school fees increases, it also allows automatic tuition increases for incoming freshmen students.” – National Union of Students of the Philippines
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By Satur C. Ocampo At Ground Level | The Philippine Star Thirty-three years ago the late Jose W. Diokno, eminent senator, human rights defender and quintessential nationalist, identified four “basic problems” of Philippine society, thus: 1. Widespread deep poverty among our people and inequality in wealth, privilege, and power; 2. Although supposedly independent, we are…