Day: September 8, 2014

Paggastos sa ICT ng Administrasyong Aquino, para kanino?

ROOT ACCESS Rick Bahague Patuloy na ginagamit ng Administrasyon ni BS Aquino ang Information and Communications Technology (ICT) upang kumalat ang dilaw na panawagan, dilaw na imahe, dilaw na hashtags at upang magkunwaring “transparent” at “accountable” sa mamamayan. Noong 2011, isa ito sa walong bansa na nagbuo ng Open Governance Partnership (OGP). Bitbit pa…

How MRT3 services got worse under Aquino

Under the Aquino government, the running MRT trains went down from almost 73 to just about 43. MRT3 workers said that even if some of the remaining trains have problems in its machine or manifesting technical troubles (like in its doors or controls or motor), it is still being used or inserted among others that are still functioning. Worse, workers have to make do with discarded parts because of the lack of spare parts, which was supposed to be provided by maintenance contractors.

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