Day: March 30, 2018

Democratic Space | From the Holy Week 2018 fearless Filipinos will arise to transform the country

Holy Week 2018 is a crucial opportunity for radical conversion. Jesus who has suffered so much for us, Filipinos, is inviting us participate in his crucifixion, death and resurrection so that without any fear and hesitation we participate in the transformation of the country. By FR. PETE MONTALLANA While waiting for my turn to…


The #MarchForOurLives rally is an outcome of a brave and thoughtful organizing among the youth. They gathered together, reached out to other youths, organizations, institutions, and eventually, the power and speed at which they were holding fast to a belief in the form of an urgent campaign compelled politicians, celebrities, and even ordinary people to share their resources and make the march for our lives happen nationwide. These young people believe in defending lives. And there is nothing more radical, more basic than organizing and politicizing for the defense of lives.