Month: April 2018

Duterte’s odd defense of Philippine sovereignty

Oddly, President Duterte devoted two-thirds of his rambling speech in Camp Aguinaldo to fulminating against what he alleged to be Sr. Pat’s “disorderly conduct.” Without citing any specific incident, he insinuated that she had criticized the military and the government on human rights, construing that as an insult on the Philippines and a violation of our sovereignty.

First quarter of TRAIN: A preview of the worse to come for the poor

While TRAIN puts more money into the pockets of 5.5 million of the highest-earning 9.1 million households through reduced personal income tax (PIT) and lower estate and donor’s taxes, the price surges in prime commodities and services have begun affecting the overwhelming majority of poor Filipinos without any income tax gains.

City councilor, lawyer, activists included in Negros town police’s poster of Reds

Among the legal personalities whose faces are on the poster are Karapatan-Negros secretary general Clarizza Singson, Zara Alvarez of the Negros Island Health Integrated Program, UMA secretary general John Lozande, NFSW secretary general Christian Tuayon, National Union of Peoples’ Lawyers-Negros secretary general Benjamin Ramos, Escalante Councilor Bernardino Patigas, Julius Dagatan, Ronald Evidente, Ma Rina Amacio, Rogina Quilop, Lary Ocena and Anecita Rojo.

Immigration agents arrest Aussie nun active in human rights work in the Philippines

“It is an irony that the Duterte regime and those who are threatening Fox’s deportation are the very people who have made the country a living hell for its citizens, while foreign missionaries and rights advocates like Fox have long been working side by side with the poor and oppressed to improve their deplorable conditions.”