Day: November 11, 2018

Armistice@100: Still living and dying for elite peace

We are still suffering from a crisis-ridden capitalist system for which the First World War was fought and resolved and for which the superpowers imposed a division of the world that continues to emplace our lives and labors. We are still living and dying for the same system for which great wars were fought and ended so that proxy wars and multi-lateral formations like the United Nations (League of Nations resurrected), International Monetary Fund, World Bank, NATO, ASEAN, APEC, and the like will continue to consolidate, retool and recast, whenever necessary, the profits and liberties won by imperialist powers one hundred years ago.

A child in flight

By E. G. Geronimo Can you see those eyes full of pain and questions? Would you dare answer the nagging questions in the deep recesses of his mind? What is injustice? What is greed? Why is there injustice? Why is there greed? Why should we suffer from all these? Why should we take flight? Why…