Year: 2018

Rights group slam appointment of Año as local government chief

“The consistent promotion and assignment of Año in key government positions is indicative of the Duterte regime’s design to intensify its repressive policies and its lack of intent to prosecute human rights violators.”

Truth telling in Duterte land

Almost every government official has the same message whenever the birth or death anniversaries of the country’s heroes are marked: it is to remember what they did for the country, and to emulate their patriotism and devotion to the welfare and betterment of the nation. On the 121st death anniversary of Dr. Jose Rizal, for…

‘Stupid’ ruling vs victims part of the Marcos compromise deal?

In its July 2017 decision, the appellate court upheld the Makati sala’s ruling saying the Hawaii court’s decision was null and void for lack of jurisdiction and was “constitutionally infirm” as it infringes on Philippine sovereignty.

NUJP protests Facebook take down of anti-Marcos posts

By RAYMUND VILLANUEVA Kodao Productions The National Union of Journalists of the Philippines called out Facebook for taking down separate anti-Marcos posts by a journalist and a blogger, calling the social media platform’s move as “a direct infringement on the users’ right to freedom of expression.” Facebook took down on Tuesday Manila Bulletin columnist Tonyo…

Solons prioritize federalism, but how about the BBL?

As the new year began, the leaders of both chambers of Congress have been talking of prioritizing the shift to a federal system of government by convening the Senate and the House of Representatives into a constituent assembly in January to revise the 1987 Constitution towards that end. Perhaps reckoning how easily and swiftly, in…