Month: June 2019

Outrage, shame and accountability

For almost two weeks now, the midnight “maritime incident” near Recto Bank in the West Philippine Sea has exercised to a considerable degree the Filipinos’ collective sense of outrage, then of outrage combined with disappointment, frustration, and shame. And their basic demand for accountability for the incident and its consequences calls for prompt and appropriate…

Urban poor resident suffers miscarriage due to demolition threats

“They thrive on generating fear within the community only to make way for their multi-billion endeavor. It shows how those in power, public and private sector, put a premium on profits while neglecting the fact that the residents have a legitimate basis for staying and then punishing them for it. Even if it costs the life of someone as innocent as an unborn child.”

Academic unfreedom and states of repression: On the case of Leloy Claudio

Dr. Claudio’s commentary, accusing his colleagues as well as students and activists of being “commies” are hardly statements to be glibly made or easily dismissed. Within the context of increasing state repression and concomitantly the erosion of academic freedom on both sides of the Pacific, the targets of Dr. Claudio’s work are put directly into the crosshairs of the Duterte and even the Trump regime. Dr. Claudio produces conditions of academic unfreedom for those he attacks.