Day: November 2, 2019

Operation Sauron

By JHIO JAN NAVARRO* From deep Mordor Sauron marched to Negros besieging the Occident laying waste lives in Sagay riddling bodies with copper, leaving them smelling burnt Sauron continued marching to the Orient wreaking havoc on fields, not satiated with bloodthirst his ever lusting lust Unstoppable are his orcs, neither Gandalfs nor Galadriels who perished…

Pooled editorial | Community journalism is not a crime: Stop disinformation on Negros 57, free Anne Krueger!

Paghimutad was formed after the Sagay 9 massacre in response to the growing human rights violations in the island. Despite the culture of fear in Negros, Paghimutad and its volunteer community journalists courageously filled the void of information, publishing audio-visual reports through social media.