Day: December 18, 2020

International groups worried about the arrest of woman journalist, urge PH government to stop red-tagging

“While there has been no offered evidence of any such links, Philippine officials’ increasing penchant for such “red-tagging” is reckless, irresponsible, and dangerous. When amplified by no less than the highest ranking enforcers of government and the law  they inevitably compromise any guarantees of due process.”

Revisiting U.S.-Philippine Relations: President-elect Biden confronts Duterte’s bloody rampage

I think that there is a chance for change because there is no current alignment between Biden and Duterte. I think that this provides an opening. Pressure needs to start on Biden/Harris now with very clear demands. It cannot be simply the presentation of how bad the situation is in the Philippines but a demand for concrete policies.

Media groups sue NTF-ELCAC officials over red-tagging

“Complainants have been targeted for their critical and independent reporting on issues affecting the marginalized and oppressed sectors. They are being persecuted for publishing progressive and alternative views on matters affecting the Filipino people — progressive ideas that are anathema to the current tyrannical regime.”