Day: February 10, 2021

The Indian peoples’ historic uprising needs global support

“The economic model of India is characterized by a huge marginalization of the agricultural sector, and this is because of the deliberate undervaluing of the primary produce of farmers. The people who are dependent on primary production have incomes that keep on shrinking. They cannot produce much, not because they are inefficient but because what they are producing are actually of low value to the nation. The agricultural sector has collapsed really hard especially this pandemic.”

#Bulatlat20 | Covering the Filipino migrants in the era of dial-up internet

As migrant issues were becoming more disheartening and tragic, I would often find myself headed to the airport where families were anxiously waiting for their loved ones coming home in caskets, to migrant shelters where abused and injured domestic workers are recovering from their traumatic and near-death experiences, or to the family house of an overseas Filipino worker executed in the Middle East.

Lawmakers urged to prove independence as Duterte plans to veto any new franchise for ABS-CBN

“Perhaps it is not too late for the members of the House of Representatives to salvage their reputations, to prove that they are what the Constitution charges them to be, members of a co-equal and independent branch of government, and no longer the willing accomplices to the continuing siege on press freedom and all our other rights and liberties.”