Day: February 14, 2021

Love completes

By BEN QUILLOY I You were in a mission To save lives With that malaria scare And to be sure that others are cured and healthy. We were like long lost friends Finding common friends Updating on stories And suddenly we clicked. Communicating through letters With words of wisdom and nationalist fervor Always filled with…

Balik-Tanaw | Solitary life, lepers and Valentine’s Day

On this feast of a martyr for God, let us remember the love of mothers who lost their sons and daughters to this nonsensical war on drugs, those healthcare workers serving the frontlines risking their lives out of love and care for Covid patients, the homeless, hungry and needy, the children suffering in desperate conditions, the women and children victims of domestic violence whose numbers have risen in the advent of the lockdown, the rising number of out-of-school youth and adults, the LGBTQ community pushed to the margins of society, and many more who suffer a martyrdom, a loss of the sense of self, a loss of a sense of hope.