Month: April 2021

People’s history

Our country underwent numerous transitions in the past century which saw the rise and fall of winners, losers, heroes, villains, oppressors, and the oppressed. Which of the contending forces emerged triumphant and what was its impact on society? Rather than amplify the mainstream version of history, our role is to find the voices which were dismissed by those in power as noise, nuisance, and irrelevant chatter. We have to assert the need to record and popularize this history from below.

Lawyers’ groups: Community pantries not prohibited

“Not being required, and in fact prohibited by law, the organizers should not be forced, and are within their right, to refuse to sign any disclosure forms. Lest some of the red-faced government officials forget, the 1987 Constitution recognizes the right of all citizens to participate in governmental and societal concerns, and mandates that these rights shall not be abridged.”