Month: June 2021

‘Economic Chacha will leave more farmers landless’

By JANESS ANN J. ELLAO MANILA – Filipino farmers are worried as lawmakers approved on third reading the proposal to amend the Philippine Constitution, dubbed as the “economic Cha-cha” bill, allowing full foreign ownership of land and of the country’s resources. Proponents of the Resolution of Both Houses No. 2, which was adopted on its third…

‘Kill-kill-kill mindset’ caused police officer to kill grandmother, rights groups say

“How many more should die, before it is acknowledged that the system that drives State security forces to kill civilians needs to be changed?” By RAYMUND B. VILLANUEVA Kodao Productions Human rights groups expressed alarm at the spate of killings of civilians by police officers, with Karapatan calling for a system change within State security…

NDFP calls on military to release 4-year-old son of political prisoner

“The soldiers forcibly grabbed MJ who was crying and resisting all the while. His foster parents were held at gunpoint while they were wrestling with the soldiers to get the child back. The soldiers forced the boy into the SUV, and the foster parents were almost run over by the SUV as it sped away with the boy.”