Month: November 2021

In defense of academic freedom, teachers make ‘subversive’ books accessible

“If we are truly free and democratic, we allow our citizens to have free and open access to information for them to critically think about their decisions and fully participate in democratic processes and uphold human rights and social justice all of which are embedded in our constitution.” By ANNE MARXZE D. UMIL MANILA…

Red lines for the Global South at COP26

By LEON DULCE This speech was delivered as part of a panel in the ‘People’s Struggles and Priorities on the Road to COP26’ webinar by the Southern People’s Action on COP26 last October 22, 2021. Good evening comrades and colleagues! We thank everyone for coming together in this meeting of hearts and minds deeply committed…

Social media giants urged to provide stricter measures vs. disinformation as PH elections draw near

“Respective managements of online platforms are not taking enough steps to address how politicians use social media apps to peddle lies to thousands and even millions of citizens. These companies should not serve as conduits for historical distortion that assists in installing tyrants to top government positions.”