Month: February 2023

Bad boy and his problematic battle vs stereotype

We do want change in our movie culture by fighting the stereotypes and finding relevant stories. But this change needs more input not from politicians, but rather from filmmakers, the academe that can provide deeper understanding of cultures, the sectors who have been victims of stereotype, and the audience itself.

Mother and child

Woman and child of the Lao Lhum tribe of Luang Prabang province, Lao People’s Democratic Republic. The Lao Lhum indigenous people in Zhang Village practice sustainable farming without the use of chemicals in a protected upland area

Progressives denounce disinformation, remember 37th year of Marcos Sr. ouster

“Despite his attempts to rehabilitate his family’s image, Bongbong Marcos’ inutility as president, onerous economic policies, his waste and misuse of public funds, his puppetry to US and Chinese interests, and his perpetuation of his father’s fascist policies and that of Duterte’s cause the Filipino people to remember the dark days of dictatorship and urge…

Cebu workers decry labor right rights violations

Among the cases the workers brought to the attention of the labor department is the harassment against Jaime Paglinawan, and several other workers rights advocates, whose photos appeared in a Facebook post, with a note that read, “they are the root cause of violence in our society.”