Month: May 2023

Balik-Tanaw | And the great spirit was moving over…

In the very beginning, the Holy Spirit, who’s feast we celebrate today, was with the Creator of the universe, moving over His creation. As the 2nd person of the Trinity, Jesus was very much aware of this. Hence, he promised his disciples before He ascended to His Father, that He will send an advocate to be with them. The disciples did not understand this promised. Hence, they were filled with FEAR. They were scattered, discouraged, and some even did not see any point in staying together as ‘followers’ or believers.

Washington prosecutor declines to press charges against 4 Fil-Am activists

“We are here today to stand with the DC4 in their courageous protest on May 2 and celebrate the victory and the justness of our cause. This form of protest against Marcos and his cronies was so righteous that the US state could not even justify moving forward with charges.”