Month: July 2023

Balik-Tanaw | Of treasures and salvation: How costly is to aspire for God’s kingdom?

In the midst of the onslaught of Typhoon Egay (Doksuri) that hit tremendously the northern provinces of the Philippines, I saw this FB post from a high school batchmate. As I continue to browse the social media, she posted another another one, lamenting and telling to God to hug her as she feels weak. Apparently, the 3 cows she owned have been missing as the typhoon begun to strike our home province Abra. My friend is currently in Hong Kong, serving as a domestic worker for the past several years.

My experience as a folding biker and bimodal commuter in Metro Manila

The fun of biking is undercut by the constant reminder that our roads are unsafe. Major thoroughfares may have bike lanes but this is wishful thinking in most secondary roads. Bike lanes are merely a slim extension of existing roads where potholes, manholes, and even open drainages are often located. It is used too as an emergency lane and frequently “patronized” by motorcycle riders.

‘It’s the same old tune of neoliberalism for Marcos Jr.’s 2nd SONA’

In his second SONA, Marcos Jr. sang the same old tune on his supposed economic achievements and platforms that have never truly benefited the ordinary folk. By ARNOLD PADILLA MANILA – “Dumating na po ang Bagong Pilipinas,” (The New Philippines has come.) declared Ferdinand Marcos Jr. in his second State of the Nation Address…