Month: August 2023

Third World Romance: The parallels of love and labor, romance and realism

The production takes an unconventional approach to telling the story of ordinary people under extraordinary circumstances— of poverty and pandemic— humanizing their choices, actions, and love languages. The film successfully stitched the fictional characters and the realities in the background, tapping kilig into romantic chemistry and familial love.

Balik-Tanaw | But who do you say that I am?

This Sunday’s readings are focused on three issues: first, on authority (Is 22:19-23), second, on knowledge of God (Rom 11:33-3), third, on the identity of Jesus (Mt 16:13-20). At first glance, they seem to be unrelated to one another, but on deep examination, they are really pointing to a single direction. And that is, the way to our salvation. The mission of Jesus as leading us the WAY, seeking out the TRUTH and urging us to aspire for what is truly LIFE-GIVING. These three related important values in life fully capture this salvation framework.