Month: November 2023

Discomfort of comfort women: An outcry for justice

By AILA JOSOL and YZELLE ROSE PADA MANILA — Women’s group Lila Pilipina denounced the Philippine-Japan military pact as the Japanese failed to acknowledge their war crimes against Filipinos and comfort women. “They are again talking about war measures with the Philippine government for mutual access of the Japanese troops that will openly do…

Muslim Filipinos call for ceasefire in Gaza, Palestine

“The Western media and the allies of Israel and its main backer the US government keep saying Hamas is a terrorist group attacking Israel and Israeli settlers, but they consistently ignore the crimes of Israel against the people of Palestine. For 75 years and counting since the 1948 Nakba (catastrophe) when the US and the United Nations created Israel on Palestinian land, the agony Palestinians have been facing has been continuous and unending.”