Month: February 2024


Tatlumpu’t walong taon matapos ang “People Power” (pati na ang pagtatapos ng aming Batch 1986 noong high school), nakatago pa ang mga medalya at sariwa pa ang alaala ng pakikibaka. Pinakamalaking karangalan ang mamulat sa katotohanan ng karanasan, pati na ang pagsisimula ng pagsisilbi sa bayan. Kumpara sa mga medalya, hinding-hindi ito kukupas.

Military hubris at play in envi activists’ case

To recall, the two activists, Jhed Tamano and Jonila Castro, both in their early 20s, were kidnapped and held in secret custody for 17 days in September last year. Presented at a press conference purportedly to announce that they had surrendered, the two instead accused the military of abducting them. Taken by surprise, the authorities were shocked into releasing them pronto.

Groups assail police checkpoints, surveillance in Southern Tagalog a day before EDSA uprising protest

“This is a clear violation of human rights, especially since the police clearly stated that their actions were for the upcoming anniversary of the EDSA uprising anniversary. Their posturing value of ‘public safety’ is a direct attack on the right to express calls against moves to amend the Constitution, which is the theme of the EDSA anniversary mobilization,” said BAYAN Southern Tagalog.

Reflections after a prison visit

Given the constraints they face, political prisoners deserve our utmost respect for choosing defiance instead of compromise and collaboration with the class enemy. They provide a dignified example of how to live a life devoted to the cause of fighting with the oppressed. Their activism is demonized and criminalized by those who see no evil in the obscene hoarding of the nation’s wealth by the elite and the exploitation of the poor and powerless by those in power.