Month: April 2024


Nakakailang palit ka ba ng damit mula umaga hanggang hapon? Hindi lang ba isa kundi tatlong bentilador ang ginagamit para hindi masyadong pawisan? Pagkatapos mag-almusal o mananghalian, kinukuha na ba ang tuwalya bago pumunta sa banyo? Pangalawa o pangatlong beses mo na bang maligo sa araw na ito?

Balik-Tanaw | Remain faithful in Jesus

I have been away from everything familiar to me for the last seven weeks living in Antigua, Guatemala. I am learning Spanish at a language school and living with a Guatemalan family. Like a child, I am trying to learn the basics of this language. It is humbling to be told so many times that I am not getting it right and that I have to exert more effort. Walking the streets of this old Guatemalan city was a joy in the beginning but after some time reality sinks in that I am far from home. Familiar it may be after so many weeks, there is that lonely thought that I am alone and away from home.

Groups mourn passing of nationalist senator Rene Saguisag

“We join the nation in giving thanks and paying tribute to Sen. Saguisag, an activist who never lost his bearings through the twists and turns of the people’s struggle. From taking the cudgels for human rights victims during the Marcos dictatorship, voting against the US Military Bases Agreement in the Senate, to opposing Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and Rodrigo Duterte’s fascist regimes, Sen. Saguisag’s long life of service to the nation and the people will always be cherished.”