Month: May 2024

‘With guilty verdict of the International Peoples’ Tribunal, Marcos Jr. cannot deny rights violations in PH’

“The IPT belie Marcos Jr.’s posturing that his administration is different, that it has new ways to address the issues facing the country. But until the government changes its programs, rights violations will continue no matter how many foreign trips Marcos Jr. will do.”

Filipino fisherfolk assert rights on West PH Sea over China’s ‘detention orders’

Marabe also said that the Chinese forces should be arrested and held accountable, instead of the Filipino fisherfolk, for aggressive penetration of the Philippine territory without permission. He also said that the forces of China are conducting illegal fishing, reclamation, and building of military structures.

For kin and advocates, justice remains elusive for children’s rights defender Sally Ujano

Just last year, the United Nations (UN) Women – Philippines also recognized the contribution of Ujano in championing human rights. She received a distinction as a Feminist Champion against Gender-Based Violence, along with other long-time women’s rights defenders Aida Santos, former executive director of Women’s Educational, Development, Productivity, & Research Org (WeDpro) and Princess Nemenzo, former executive director of WomanHealth.

PH groups commemorate ‘Nakba’ in support of Palestine

During the protest, Filipino activists decried that the Philippines is next only to India in terms of purchases of armaments from Israel amounting to billions. Last year alone, a $114 million contract between the Philippines and the Israeli government was forged for refurbishing two planes for intelligence gathering. Such contracts, the group said, help fund Israel’s genocidal wars against the Palestinian people.

Search for missing labor activist expands in 1st month of disappearance

It has been more than a month since his disappearance but Lariosa remains missing. The effect of his abduction rippled down to other organizers in the Southern Mindanao region. The United Nations (UN) has identified that enforced disappearance is a frequently used strategy to spread terror, not only to the close relatives of the disappeared but also to their communities.

Fishers, advocates fear destruction of marine ecosystem in the name of Verde Island ‘preservation’

“The Philippines is home to the highest concentration of marine shore fish species in the world, sheltered in a marine corridor known as the Verde Island Passage (VIP). The richness of biodiversity in the VIP makes it comparable to the Amazon. This biodiversity hotspot is being imperiled by fossil gas projects of SMC.”