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Balik-Tanaw | Acting courageously in the time of tyranny

ur country is stained with blood of innocent martyrs. Killings continue on a daily basis, with the perpetrators go unpunished. There is a time to mourn to honor the victims and there is a time to continue what the martyrs have started. And, as Jesus said to the little girl: “Talitha Koum!” (“Little girl, I say to you, GET UP!”), it is also time for us Christians and disciples of Christ to get up.

Balik-Tanaw | The resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

We are all called to be prophets of our time; called to denounce injustices and announce the good news; called to offer our lives in the service of humanity, especially the deprived and the oppressed. It seems too ideal, but the fact is, some were already ahead of us in giving testimony. Think of those human rights defenders who dared to speak and defend those who have been deprived of their fundamental rights.