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Choosing the right path

“You have to connect yourself with the people, and the people’s movements. You can’t just fight for the people, you have to fight with them as well.” By JUSTIN UMALI Bulatlat.com MANILA — On International Human Rights Day, Cristina Palabay, secretary general of human rights alliance Karapatan, received a call from an unidentified caller. “He…

“By implication, they are all being branded as ‘terrorists’ and to add my name and those of the NDFP peace negotiation panel and consultants, eight deceased individuals and at least 185 easily replaceable aliases exposes even more the list’s absurdity.” – Elisa Tita Lubi

Rights group slam appointment of Año as local government chief

“The consistent promotion and assignment of Año in key government positions is indicative of the Duterte regime’s design to intensify its repressive policies and its lack of intent to prosecute human rights violators.”

“There has been no let-up in the spate of human rights violations from the administration of former president Arroyo to the current government. Not one case under the Arroyo government has been rendered justice, not one perpetrator has been brought to jail.” – Karapatan