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How to self-destruct in a tete-a-tete

His veiled threats are founded on fear. Fear of losing his grip on power, thus, his actions and statements ingratiating himself on the military and the efforts of the administration to tame his tongue. That his administration could not provide solutions to high inflation and rising prices of oil, food and other basic commodities contributes to his further isolation from the broad masses of the Filipino people.

Dictatorship and its delusions

President Rodrigo Duterte’s admission that he’s a dictator, and his obvious pride in that fact, were premised on at least three assumptions. The first is that his dictatorship has achieved something praiseworthy and beneficial to this country and its people. The second is that before he took over, what obtained in the Philippines was democratic…

Activists tell Duterte: ‘Change lies in the youth’

By BULATLAT MANILA — “Our hope lies in the idealism and activism of the youth.” This is the response of progressive youth group Anakbayan in President Duterte’s statement that the Leftists youths are laying down their lives for “ideologies that don’t have anything to contribute.” Duterte made the statement during his speech in Pampanga this…