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Organization of victims finally meets with Social Welfare Sec. Soliman

“She [Social Welfare Sec. Dinky Soliman] is very patronizing. She showed no compassion – here there are typhoon victims who are crying because they are getting no help, but she is not bothered.” – Monique Wilson, director, One Billion Rising

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By ACE ALEGRE www.nordis.net LA TRINIDAD, Benguet — Social Welfare Secretary Corazon “Dinky” Soliman was “frowned upon” by some sectors when Benguet adopted her as daughter and baptized her “Kadmali,” the name of a local tribal deity, mythical protector and giver of blessings. “(She) should not make the mistake of assuming that in being bestowed…

“We only learned about the fast-tracked evacuation and bidding plans after we got hold of a copy of the ‘not-for-circulation’ documents on the planned sale of Welfareville,” Romy Valenzuela, NACEMHEA –AHW President