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There is nothing wrong with trying to revive the luster of the Edsa People Power uprising, if the celebration would be faithful to its essence: the people’s demand for change. There is also nothing wrong with making February 25 a joyous occasion, for as long as it does not try to give the illusion that the struggle for genuine change has been won already. By BENJIE OLIVEROS / bulatlat.com

Buried beneath the mudslinging are the platforms or lack of it and position on issues of the presidential candidates. Bulatlat based the following report on the stand of the different presidential candidates from the analysis and criteria produced by Pagbabago!

Five years have passed since Joseph Estrada was ousted as President. But for those who continue to support him, Estrada is merely on a leave of absence and he will assume his duties as President anytime soon. BY AUBREY SC MAKILAN Bulatlat.com Joseph Estrada, popularly known by his nickname Erap, is said to be perceived…