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‘Stupid’ ruling vs victims part of the Marcos compromise deal?

In its July 2017 decision, the appellate court upheld the Makati sala’s ruling saying the Hawaii court’s decision was null and void for lack of jurisdiction and was “constitutionally infirm” as it infringes on Philippine sovereignty.


The Philippine crisis is reaching another acute stage 45 years after Ferdinand Marcos declared martial law in 1972. The country barely survived it then. But this time the affliction could very well be terminal. Today as in 1972, authoritarian rule, whether through another declaration of martial law or the formation of a “revolutionary government,” is…

Like Marcos and Arroyo, Duterte errs on rebellion

The late dictator Ferdinand E. Marcos was touted to be a brilliant lawyer. Rodrigo R. Duterte, who idolizes the tyrant, prides himself on having been a prosecutor. But as the country’s presidents, each in his own time, both made erroneous public pronouncements about rebellion as a political offense. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is no lawyer. As…

Holiday or not, groups all set for nationwide rally tomorrow vs. martial law

“He can threaten the people with Martial Law using the Left as scapegoat, like what Marcos did, but it still will not deter the people from gathering in public places to voice their indignation.”

#MarcosNoHero | Groups lambast celebration of Marcos’ 100th birthday

“No compromise, no immunity!” called out the protesters, saying the Marcos family should return its stolen wealth without any condition.
The groups decried that Marcos is not a hero and had amassed $10 billion dollars, plundered the country’s resources and committed massive human rights violations against the people.