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Lakbay Magsasaka: Tales of a thousand oppressed tillers

“Today, the Filipino peasant masses vow to further our struggle for genuine land reform.”

Lakbay Magsasaka | ‘Duterte has failed farmers’

Farmers are fast losing hope after President Duterte reneged on his promise to return the coco levy fund to small coconut farmers and there have been moves inside the Department of Agrarian Reform to reverse the administrative and department orders, favoring farmers, which were issued by former Agrarian Reform Secretary Rafael Mariano.

The root of the problem that led to the rice crisis, rural backwardness, cannot be solved by sporadic solutions and releases of funds. It would necessitate a reversal of the economic programs and priorities of the government. BY BENJIE OLIVEROS ANALYSIS Bulatlat Vol. VIII, No.9, April 6-12, 2008 Supposedly, if the Arroyo government is to…