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By RONALYN V. OLEA Bulatlat.com MANILA – Human rights groups called for the immediate dismantling of paramilitary forces after a high-ranking military official announced that the government would do so by 2016. In a report by online news site Interaskyon.com, Lt. Gen. Emmanuel Bautista, commanding general of the Philippine Army, said he sees the dismantling…

“The whole world knows of the failure of the Aquino government to bring to justice human rights violators like Gen. Jovito Palparan and of the horrendous, less than one percent conviction rate of perpetrators of political killings on top of the snail-paced justice system.” – Fr. Rex RB. Reyes, NCCP

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Rights groups to file complaint vs Aquino administration

“After a year and a half in office, President Aquino should be delivering on his promise to end impunity for rights abuses.” – Human Rights Watch
“I think that the Philippine government knows what to do [but] we don’t see the will to stop the culture of impunity.” – Amnesty International

A group of human-rights lawyers has vowed to take what it called a “legal offensive” to curb impunity and advance the cause of human rights in the Philippines.

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Press Release November 20, 2010   “Human Rights Watch has already delivered its verdict: that Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has aided the Ampatuans in its unquenchable quest for power. Our question for President Noynoy Aquino is, what’s next?” Trina Federis, College Editors Guild national president said.   New York-based Human Rights Watch delivered a report, indicting Arroyo…