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ICC finds ‘reasonable basis’ to probe drug-related killings in PH

“There is no doubt that the policies and operations under the Duterte administration are responsible for the onslaught of extra-judicial killings and other human rights violations under the ‘war on drugs.’ State officials and police forces were both brazen and confident that they would enjoy impunity in their crimes.” — Rise Up

Karapatan dares gov’t not to thwart probe of rights violations in PH

“We echo the same challenge to the Duterte government and its rabid gang of militarists: If indeed human rights organizations are merely spouting lies to defame the government, then do not block efforts by the ICC (International Criminal Court) and United Nations Independent Experts to investigate these human rights violations that we have reported and exposed.”

Continuing killings and intensifying war

After threatening to resign last week in an outburst of exasperation and claiming to be tired, he now says, “No, I will not resign!” Yes, he acknowledges that he wouldn’t be able to fulfill his campaign promises to end the long-festering problems of illegal drugs, criminality, and corruption even beyond his six-year term. He has…

Duterte gov’t’s proclivity for short cuts backfires

People have been saying this all along; the Duterte administration could not solve the illegal drug problem with the use of uncontrolled violence and shortcuts that disregard human rights. And they were right. The Duterte administration’s bloody war on drugs has not made a dent on the illegal drug trade despite more than 12,000 extrajudicial,…

Those who easily condemn Nicole forget what she has been up against in pursuing the rape case against US Marine L/Cpl. Daniel Smith. BY CAROL PAGADUAN-ARAULLO Streetwise / Business World The headline of a widely circulated broadsheet screams, “Nicole recants, clears Smith”. For the first time, the face of the young Filipina raped by a…