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‘Investigate US troops’ mental health’

“Psychological studies conducted by the US Army, Marine Corps, Harvard University, and other agencies revealing alarming trends on the state of mental health of their troops are a matter of security concern to Filipino people especially with the expected entry of tens of thousands of these forces under EDCA.” – Bobby Tuazon, Director for Policy Studies, Center for People Empowerment in Governance (CenPEG)

By BENJIE OLIVEROS Bulatlat perspective The brutal murder of Jeffery “Jennifer” Laude should jolt us all. The murder showed three fatal flaws in society’s culture nowadays. First is the hate culture directed against those who do not conform to the “norms”. The brutal murder of Jennifer is not the first and, alarmingly, might not be…

Still no PH custody | US marine charged with murder of Pinay transgender

“Judging from the statements issued so far by DFA officials, it seems that President Aquino’s emerging position is to kowtow to US interests by invoking legal niceties in the Visiting Forces Agreement. Instead of fighting for our country’s sovereignty and safeguarding the rights of the Philippines and the victim Jennifer, the DFA is lawyering for the US.” – Gabriela Women’s Party Rep. Emmi de Jesus

(Para kay Jeffrey Laude ng Olongapo) ni RAYMUND B. VILLANUEVA Bulatlat.com Apatnapu’t limang minutong tumagal ang kamatayan Mula ‘Ambyanz’ hanggang ‘Celzon’—mga binantong pangalan Tulad ng pagpapakilala sa marikit na si Jennifer Lalaki, babae, bakla, binabae, transgender Halikayo’t ating pagpiyestahan Ang malugay niyang buhok, malulusog na dibdib Ang mapagmungkahing apelyidong ‘Sueselbeck’ At mapulang labi’t titig na…