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#BlackToBlock | Bar candidates, lawyers ‘mourn’ SC decision allowing Marcos hero’s burial

Just across the University of Santo Tomas where at least 6,000 are about to take their bar examinations, bar candidates and members of the legal profession – lawyers, professors, and paralegals – staged a picket protest as they “mourn” the recent Supreme Court decision, allowing a hero’s burial for ousted strongman Ferdinand Marcos. “We wear…

SC ruling on Marcos burial stokes anew public protests

The Supreme Court’s majority ruling (9-5-1) has upheld President Duterte’s oral order to the Armed Forces of the Philippines to bury the remains of former president-turned-dictator Ferdinand E. Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. The alleged aim is “national unity and healing.” Instead it has stoked anew public protests and indignation across the nation…

SC urged to halt #MarcosBurial at heroes’ cemetery

“The hasty interment of Marcos’ remains will result in a grave and irreparable injury to the people’s rights as it will send the message that the late dictator, criminal manipulator of the justice system, human rights violator, and plunderer was a hero, politically reversing the many decisions of the Supreme Court, the judgment of the people in EDSA and history.”