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The failed promises of privatization

By BENJIE OLIVEROS Bulatlat perspective Privatization, by whatever name – Build-Operate-Transfer or Public-Private Partnerships – was touted to be the solution to the inefficient, monopolistic management by government of public utilities and services. It was supposed to be the opposite of how the dictator Marcos monopolized and profited from basic utilities such as electricity, water,…

‘Shameless’ SSS board not alone, other GOCCs have ‘epidemic of thick-skinned insensitivity’

Aside from the much-criticized fat bonuses at a time when the funds’ sustainability was supposedly in danger, thus requiring a hike in members’ contributions, it turned out that the SSS executives have each been receiving $1,859 per month just for attending two board meetings, and its CEO flies abroad every two months, first-class.

By BENJIE OLIVEROS Analysis The revelation made by the Water for the People Network and Ibon Foundation that the two water concessionaires­, Manila Water and Maynilad, make consumers pay for their corporate income taxes, travel expenses, company outings, gifts, flowers, among other irregular exactions shocked the public. And we thought the highly ­disadvantageous contracts the…

By Carol Pagaduan-Araullo Streetwise | BusinessWorld The privatization mantra is being incessantly hummed by the Aquino III administration. Privatization is being promoted to the public as the solution to deteriorated, broken-down and inadequate public utilities and social services. The argument is not new: government just doesn’t have the resources to provide for these public goods.…

Progressive groups call looming water rate hike a robbery

This year, private water concessionaires are up for ‘rate rebasing,’ meaning they would substantially increase water rates to pass on the costs of their planned projects, some of which would not be implemented but will be charged to consumers anyway. This is aside from the usual rate increases.

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News release 1 February 2011 The Water for the People Network (WPN) condemned the rate hikes implemented by private water concessionaires in Metro Manila, calling the increases unjustified and insensitive to the plight of ordinary consumers. Starting this month, Manila Water Co. will charge P1.92 per cubic meter (cu. m) more on residential customers using…

The Water for the People Network is blaming the privatization of the Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage Systems for the water shortages. It warns that the plans of the Aquino administration to fast track more privatization projects, through its planned public-private partnerships, would result in higher rates of basic utilities and services.

Members of the group under the Water for the People Network (WPN) trooped to the office of the Metropolitian Waterworks and Sewerage System (MWSS) to urge the agency to immediately address the current water crisis in Metro Manila. They said that the failure of MWSS to ensure the provision of clean, adequate and affordable water supply and service in the region is due to privatization.