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Aussie nun says advocacy consistent with her mission

“As a Christian, believing that our mission is to bring God’s Kingdom to the here and now, I couldn’t help but to get involved both with projects, such as training in organic farming, to uplift the livelihood of the farmers, but also to advocate with them for their rights to land, livelihood, peace, justice and security, all universal human rights which the church sees as integral to her mission. It seems this is what has brought me into conflict with the Philippine Government.”

Immigration’s intel division endorses Aussie nun’s deportation

Former Agrarian Reform Secretary Rafael Mariano said the BI intelligence division’s recommendation is a violation of Fox’s rights as an advocate of agrarian reform, of human rights and of just and lasting peace. “Her advocacy is neither a terrorist or criminal act but pro-farmers, pro-people and humane.”

Immigration agents arrest Aussie nun active in human rights work in the Philippines

“It is an irony that the Duterte regime and those who are threatening Fox’s deportation are the very people who have made the country a living hell for its citizens, while foreign missionaries and rights advocates like Fox have long been working side by side with the poor and oppressed to improve their deplorable conditions.”