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National Achievement Test, Performance-Based Bonus system, not the solutions to improve education system

The only way [to improve the education system] is to have a higher budgetary allocation to education to solve shortages in classrooms, equipment and facilities and to increase the salaries of teachers. There is a need for a comprehensive professional development program for teachers to continuously equip them and further their knowledge and capacity to teach. “ – France Castro, Alliance of Concerned Teachers

‘Teachers impoverished, neglected’

“It is difficult to teach especially when there are distractions…The burden to make learning more exciting and interesting is on us, but how can we do it if the government does not even provide for our basic needs?” – Alliance of Concerned Teachers

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Main story: Stop implementation of ‘divisive’ incentive system – public school teachers “An increase is what we need Pnoy [President Aquino] and not the PBB, which is not being distributed fairly. Although we received a higher PBB than other schools, but it’s sad to note…all teachers in our district work hard for the sake of…

Stop implementation of ‘divisive’ incentive system – public school teachers

“In truth, any rewards system that pretends to set apart the ‘performing’ from the ‘non-performing’ falls flat in the face of the shortages that continue to be unmet by this administration.” – Alliance of Concerned Teachers

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