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A show of political will or disregard for due process?

Since the beginning of his campaign for the presidency, Rodrigo Duterte has been accused of disregarding due process, especially with his endorsement of extrajudicial killings of suspected criminals by the so-called Davao death squad. His campaign promise of ending criminality and the drug menace within the first six months into his presidency stirred reactions of disbelief, on one hand, and fears that he would run roughshod on human rights on the other.

Small change

Rodrigo Duterte begins his six-year term as the 16th president of the Philippines today, having been borne to that post by mass discontent with the Aquino administration and his own incessant theme of putting an end to both corruption and criminality within months. Duterte was elected by some 16 million voters among a field of…

Direction of Duterte gov’t: ‘Compassion, real change’

Formally speaking as President of the Philippines soon after making his oath of office last Thursday, Rodrigo R. Duterte made it abundantly clear that “Malasakit, Tunay na Pagbabago” (Compassion, Real Change) define the character and direction of his administration. He emphasized that he had articulated these battlecries during the presidential campaign “in behalf of the…