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#Kapangyarihan hits hard: Ben&Ben x SB19 round 2

By its sheer title alone, the track “Kapangyarihan” stands out as the boldest and most powerful track in the album. This Ben&Ben composition which was originally released months ago was enhanced, and displayed even more grit, by introducing into the new version SB19’s own rap parts, with bars that simply spit fire. Ben&Ben deftly held the new version all together in denouncing the abuse of power.

Pinoy woke artists sing of tyranny, rage and hope

Artists have up their collaboration to turn out music videos that have become a powerful tool for awakening and raising the people’s consciousness. The visuals sure do aid the music and the lyrics come for easy retention. The internet affords the listeners to revisit the videos anytime and share it to others, much more so in this pandemic where online connectivity has become the norm.