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#RememberHaiyan | Yolanda survivors brand the Aquino government as ‘Waray Pulos’

“Seeing and living with Yolanda survivors first-hand tells us two things: one is that the Yolanda survivors have been doing their best to live and survive and face the aftermath of Yolanda. Two, is that the Aquino government and the ruling local elite are themselves like storm surges that devastate the people more by their neglect and shameless profiteering.” National Union of Students in the Philippines

‘Dear Pope: don’t let Aquino demolish our homes in your name’

“Various people’s movements and humanitarian organizations have been hard at work for almost a year in various bayanihan (mutual aid) efforts for rehabilitation and reconstruction. Meanwhile, the Aquino government continues to hide behind these initiatives in a clear attempt to abandon its mandate to ensure the people’s right to housing and other social services.”